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At the Heart of Winter

Where Dark and Light Don't Differ

Brida Bathory
3 October
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absinthe, abysses, aesthetics, albert camus, alexandre o'neil, anathema, andy kaufman, andy warhol, anthony and the johnsons, anti-mainstream, art, aurora borealis, avante garde, beasts, beautiful losers, beauty, bitterness, black humour, black metal, blades, blood, books, brigid, buddhism, cais de veludo, camilo pessanha, candles, caos, celtic mythology, chocolat, coffee, comic relief, comics, cuddling, cynicism, dadaism, dark poetry, dark tranquility, darkness, dead languages, death, debauchery, decadence, decay, dementia, depravity, destiny, dream theater, edge of sanity, empathy, eternal love, eterno, existencialism, fade to black, faeries, fernando pessoa, florbela espanca, fodidamente belo, forensic psychology, forests, franz kafka, goblins, harry potter, hobbits, hugs, incoherent speech, insanity, ireland, irish music, isolation, jim henson, kisses, knowledge, leonard cohen, liquid tension experiment, literature, locus horrendus, loneliness, long hair, lord byron, lua, luis sepulveda, madness, martial arts, metamorphosis, mike portnoy, moments of clarity, moon, morte, mr bean, music, nick cave, nietzsche, night, nightwish, nihilism, noite, nonsense, nordic mythology, nuno markl, oblivion, obsessive introspection, opeth, pain, pearl jam, perfection, photography, placebo effect, poesía, poetry, political incorrectness, reading, rimbaud, romanticism, ruy belo, sarcasm, satire, schizophrenia, self-destruction, serenity, shakespeare, shelley, solitude, stephin merrit, story telling, subcultures, surrealism, symbolism, tea, the beast within, the bizarre, the full moon, the gathering, the magnetic fields, tim burton, tragedy, underworld, verlaine, vikings, william blake, winter, woods, writing