Brida Bathory (unbornmaiden) wrote,
Brida Bathory

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Story of an Unborn Maiden

I – Prelude

This is a story of a maiden unborn
A black dying rose forever forlorn
Brought to a world that was never her own
Forever condemned to walk ever alone
Under the stars that reminded her creation
Cursed with Darkness with no kin or nation
Under the moon that once she had met
She wandered alone full of sorrow and regret
What terrible fate this maiden had to bear
Abandoned; with no one who would care
Unborn to a world of filth and dismay
Soon she learned the best part to play:
Pretending to adjust to this lugubrious fight
She wandered with the moon alone every night
Shall she fall asleep eternally at dawn?
Or shall she fight the future forever gone?
In this realms of never ending slaughter and tears
With her sword she fights nothing but her fears
And she knows she will be forever forlorn
This is a story of a maiden unborn.
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